Laceno – Viaggio attraverso le stagioni con tappa allo “Spiedo”.

As to turn a normal evening in summer into a magic night.

Laceno – For the impassioned ones of the natural landscapes, the Irpinia proposes a vast program of excursions. So many the destinations that every year the irpinis prefer or they alternate to the vacations in the seaside resorts. One on everybody, the plateau of the Laceno. A novelty is not certain, as they know the laughing place but not all him they allow to cradle from the feelings that they try him in to approach himself in this place especially in the evening hours. To the sunset of the sun, a trip on the Laceno, offers the opportunity of “to travel in the time” through the seasons. The choice, is obviously conditioned from the run. Surely the panoramic road that from the passage to level of Lioni it conducts on the highland of the Laceno and that to prefer. Panoramas of rare beauty open to the eyes of the tourist that it begins to cross the road of mountain. The sun that lowers softly caresses the uncontaminated vegetation and accompanies along the run the motorist “distracted” from such a beautiful landscape. Few more than thirty minutes to cross the whole panning, as much as enough to taste the passage of the seasons. Comes in the place “Gavitone” where every year the party of the mountain organizes him, while the sky darkens him, the bundle of light projected by the auto that it softly faces the returned of the panning, it allows to admire to the edges of the road covered by foliage the passage of the seasons. A brief break before beginning the descent that brings on the highland; the time to go down from the car for a mouthful of air and here that the picture of the seasons him complete, granting an unique feeling to the tourist of turn. Also aware of to live a warm summer, the impression is that to be himself in autumn. In full summer, after a day of intense heat, “to travel in the time” is an incredibly beautiful feeling! The sweet air of the Laceno accompanies the tourist up to the destination. Comes on the Laceno, and of obligation, especially in the work evenings, it crosses the asphalted ring imagining to be himself in a lunar landscape. To this point the brief evening trip continues on a good table to mix the strong odors of the wood to the dainty dishes of the the kitchen typical of Bagnoli Irpino. The half to be recommended and him “Spit”. A characteristic restaurant recently restored and made more pleasant by Nicola Memoli, heir of an ancient culinary tradition of family. Nice, amiable, Nicola welcomes the visitor with his/her proverbial courtesy, recommending the best of the kitchen typical of these places. “Assaggini” delicious, magistrally served by the waiters, they alternate him to the strong points of the famous kitchen of house Memoli: the noodles to the porky mushrooms, the raviolis with butter sage and hypocrite. Real masterpieces of gastronomy, sprinkled by a good local wine. The last action to be consumed himself/herself/themselves at the end of a delicious and romantic supper, finds an excellent answer in a delicious dessert to the fruits of wood. It is the moment of the regards and the first one to reach the tables it is the nice Nicola, that greets the protagonists of an evening to the with a handshake “Spit” and it accompanies them up to the exit, from where the last postcard of the Laceno is admired at night, before a breve and romantic walk and of a relaxant return in house.

Massimiliano Finamore

Mountain Cervialto
With his/her 1809 ms. it is the tallest of the Picentini mountains, it is a scaling not to lose above all to beginning summer when the path that brings to the peak is rich of a great deal of products of the brushwood.
You advises to preferably begin the ascent the evening, in fact to the morning, besides enjoying some incomparable show of a dream dawn, way of seeing is had the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic.

The Fiumara of Tannera
It is among the more beautiful naturalistic itineraries. You goes down along an easy journey afoot and it introduces us in an uncontaminated environment, between falls and little ponds.

The Caves of the Caliendo
You goes to the bowel of the Laceno. It is a run for experienced people even if doesn't introduce risks.
You/they were visited for the first time by the mason Giovanni Rama that it actually continued the explorations a last days of his/her existence.
The circle speleologico of Bagnoli brings its name.
Today the practicable line is of around 3,5 Kms. The arms are two: one arrest him near a wall, the other near a siphon ever crossed.
The itinerary is adventurous but pleasant. It is an experience to do at least once.

Mountain Raiamagra
It is preferable to climb with the chair lift and then ridiscendere along the paths and the wood for the 7 valleys afoot.
In winter introduces the footsteps of ski for a total of 25 Kms.
In summer is an ideal place to admire the beauties of the place.

Grand Hotel Grisone**** - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68100
Hotel 4 Camini*** - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68104 / 68105
Hotel Cervialto** - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68071
Hotel Taverna Capozzi*** - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68030 / 68040
Hotel La Lucciola*** - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68065
Agriturismo Capitano - Bagnoli Irpino - Tel 0827 62685
Med-Casa - Bagnoli Irpino - Tel 0827 62054 338 3701772
Centro Residence Laceno - Laceno - Tel 0827 68120/62113
Campeggio Roulottes e Camper est./inv.- Funivie del Laceno-0827 68132/68150 fax 0827 68050
Multiproprietà Residence Soldanella - Via Alle Mandrie 9 Laceno- Informazioni su fitti/vendite e ufficio 082762062 cell. 3392395136/3479201698


Ristorante S. Lorenzo - Bagnoli Irpino - Tel. 0827 62743
Ristorante Il Quadrifoglio - Bagnoli Irpino - Tel. 0827 62863
Ristorante Lo Spiedo - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68073
Ristorante Il Fauno - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68029
Ristorante Pub - Il Caliendo - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68120
Ristorante Baita Solarium - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68047
Ristorante Il Lago - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68055
Ristorante Settevalli - Laceno - Tel. 0827 68061
Rifugio Amatucci - (quota 1750, M. Raiamagra, Laceno) - Tel. 0827 62665

Collegamenti Stradali
Da Roma Km. 280 - Autostrada Roma, Caserta, Bari (casello Avellino Est), superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.
Da Bari Km. 250 - Autostrada Bari-Napoli (Casello Avellino Est), superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno. Oppure Casello Candela, superstrada Ofantina, Cassano, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Napoli Km. 95 - Autostrada Napoli-Bari (Casello Avellino Est), superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Foggia Km. 160 - Per Candela, autostrada Bari-Napoli (Casello Avellino Est), superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno. Oppure Candela, superstrada Ofantina, Cassano, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Salerno Km. 75 - Autostrada Salerno-Atripalda, Statale Napoli Avellino, superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Avellino Km. 47 - Superstrada Ofantina per Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Potenza Km. 180 - Autostrada Potenza-Salerno, Salerno Atripalda-circumvallazione Avellino, superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Da Benevento Km. 75 - Autostrada Bari-Napoli (Casello Avellino Est), superstrada Ofantina, Bagnoli Irpino, Laceno.

Avellino / Bagnoli - Autolinee Pubbliche C.T.I. tel. 0825 204250
per Avellino - 5 corse giornaliere nel periodo estivo e 5 corse giornaliere nel periodo invernale.

per S. Angelo dei Lombardi - 1 corsa giornaliere nel periodo estivo e 1 corsa giornaliere nel periodo invernale.

Avellino / Rocchetta S. Antonio - FS - 848 888088
per Lioni - 4 corse giornaliere nel periodo estivo e 4 corse giornaliere nel periodo invernale.

per Rocchetta S. Antonio - 2 corse giornaliere nel periodo estivo e 2 corse giornaliere nel periodo invernale.

per Avellino - 2 corse giornaliere nel periodo estivo e 2 corse giornaliere nel periodo invernale.